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The heading may sound trite but it is true. One

by:Tanco Tire,Timax Tyre     2020-09-08

Just how frequently, how many miles a set of tires can last depends on a number of factors, many of which are well within the driver's control;

* Firstly there is the inflation pressure; correct inflation for the load being carried and the distance and speed being traveled is crucial in a tires longevity. Heavy loads, higher speeds and long distance interstate travel requires greater tire pressure than an unladen vehicle driving down the road to the local shops. It is worth your while to ensure that the manufacturer's recommendations are read and understood. (Remember that the tire, irrespective of the load above Tare will flex as one drives and this makes the tires and the air inside hot, if the tire is too soft the heat build up is greater and the tires will wear down much faster.

* Appropriate tire for usage; If one is driving off road in sand and muddy conditions often then one will want broad tires with low pressure to increase the footprint. However as soon as these go onto the paved surface tire pressure must be appropriately increased to reduce exceptional wear. (Most regular off road drivers carry a tire compressor or a form of compressed air so they can adjust when moving between the road surfaces) Even so, great as these big broad tires look, if they are hugely over sized their wear will be greater as more chafing occurs while taking corners.

* Wheel alignment and balancing; the effect of a wheel being out of alignment is like constantly rubbing a rasp over the rubber. It just wears away as the wheel is not running true. The same is true of balancing, not only does an unbalanced wheel vibrate the entire car but is puts poor wear patterns on the tire itself.

* Driver habits; similar to being economical on fuel usage a driver who accelerates as fast as he can from every stop or slow down and waits until the last split second before applying brakes will go through tires much faster than a driver who gently accelerates, drives the speed of the traffic, and starts slowing well before the application of brakes becomes vital.

Other factors not in the drivers control is obviously the road surface and the temperatures plus of course the routes driven. Interstates obviously being long fairly straight roads do less damage to tires than windy mountainous roads with lots of twists and turns.

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