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The first known use of the word truck was in 1611

by:Tanco Tire,Timax Tyre     2020-11-09

The first motor truck was built in 1896 by the German automotive pioneer Gottlieb Daimler, it had a four-horsepower engine and a belt drive with two forward speeds and one reverse, and this was the world's first pickup truck. In 1910 came the first gasoline-powered truck to pull horse-drawn wagons, this truck was designed by Charles Martin. He also invented a connecting mechanism called a 'fifth wheel' essential for modern tractor trucks. Viktor Schreckengost manufactured the first Cab-Over-Engines (COE) in approximately1907, and then in 1932 he and Ray Spiller designed the truck for White Motor Co. This was an important invention because there were laws restricting the length of vehicles now, so in short, a shorter cam meant a longer trailer, and a longer trailer meant more cargo room.

The first tow truck came along after Ernest Holmes helped a friend recover his car with three poles, a pulley and a chain hooked to the frame of a 1913 Cadillac in 1916. Lowboys were invented in the 1920's, it had a gooseneck and solid rubber tires, the first detachable gooseneck trailer, RGN (Removable Goose Neck), was invented in 1958.

Trucks and trailers became growingly popular during the postwar in the 1920's, roads were improving and the invention or 'balloon tires' were replacing rubber ones. During the Depression trailer companies were forced to quit driving, and only a few companies survived and those who did got a boost from the Prohibition. In 1935 Congress passed the Motor Carrier Act, this authorized the Interstate Commerce Commission to regulate the trucking industry. The Motor Carrier Act established a freight-hauling rate regulation, limiting the number of hours truckers were allowed to drive. Trailer companies thought this would make driving more difficult but it actually improved the work being done.

In the 1950's direct-injected turbo-charged diesel engines became a standard thanks to Volvo, and in the 1960's companies like U.S. Cummins began supplying diesel engines as well. Trucks were being built to drive longer distances, faster speeds and carry heavier loads. Today, semi-trailers, semi-trucks, are generally 18 wheeled trucks with three axles , they transport more than 70 percent of goods in the United States, an estimated 13 billion tons of goods, valued at more than $250 billion dollars' worth every year by almost 2 million semi's. Trailers have been around for over 100 years and have changed lots through them, what changes do you think they have in store in the next 100 years?

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