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The field of construction based on three major

by:Tanco Tire,Timax Tyre     2020-11-10

Excavator is heavy construction equipment, which is used to remove soil or any other heavy material from earth. It is also used to hollow out a hole on the ground and after that the soil from that place is also removed with this machine. To do that work, it has several parts, which makes the work of construction easier.

This heavy machine can remove the unwanted objects from the ground. There are several kinds of excavators in the construction market and known with other names like 36 degree, mechanical shovels or JCB.

At start, it was used only for digging hole but as the time passed, it uses for several other works like digging of trenches, forestry work, mining, lifting and placing of heavy material and several others.

To make the task of construction simpler, modern excavators are blessed with the technology that they can rotate 360. To operate this machine, only one person is required. He can control this machine with the help of buttons and levers. Different parts of the machine are handled with these levers and buttons. By pressing a button or pushing the lever, the various parts can perform different tasks.

This machine has become a very necessary part of the construction's field. Whether it is construction of a building, removing heavy pipes or to break any wall, this machine can do it very easily. These machines can be seen at any construction site doing these tasks very smoothly.

There are several parts of this machine, which do several difficult tasks. Some of the most common parts of an excavator are:

1. Arm or stick- A long stick, which is used to hold the bucket, is known as arm or stick. The length of the stick depends on the model and the size of the excavator.

2. Boom- It connects the bucket with the arm of the machine. It also revolves when the arm of the machine revolves.

3. Bucket- It is attached at one end of the stick and used to carry out the heavy load. The shape and the size of the bucket also depend on the model and length of the machine. A bucket can have hard end with teeth or soft end. Bucket is mainly used for boring, crushing, cutting or lifting.

4. Cab- It is the house of the machine. Inside a cab, there is a seat for the controller and the equipments to control the machine are in this cab.

5. Undercarriage- The base part of the machine is generally called undercarriage. Machine can rotate 360 degree but this part of the machine stay at the same place. To move the entire machine from one place to another, there can be tires of crawler at this part.

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