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That first engine sound, like a singer's first

by:Tanco Tire,Timax Tyre     2020-10-05

Change the Air Filter: Just like you, your car is working best when it is breathing, and breathing freely. Change your Air Filter every 15,000 miles.

Keep your engine cool: An overheated engine overheats other car parts too, and most delicate parts will reduce your car's performance if they are not happy, and can break often and without warning.

Carburetors: Most cars now have electronic carburetors but that doesn't mean they don't need tending to every now and then. Your carburetor regulates fuel intake and feeds your engine. Clogged lines or computer failures can make a negative difference in whether your car runs, walks, or pokes along when you push down the gas pedal.

Catalytic Converters: Maybe the most important component of engine performance you never see. It's there under the car regulating your exhaust for environmental reasons, but a converter not working properly can choke your engine or cause it stop all together.

Differentials: Your differential controls the speed of your wheels and give you better traction on turns, and on wet and under maintained roads. When you drive you want your tires gripping all the road you can get. Have your mechanic check your differential when you go in for your next tune up.

Pay Attention to Warning signs: When your car makes a noise its telling you something. Listen and get an answer from your owner's repair manual or a mechanic when you hear a thump or a grind or a bang. It could be your brakes, your transmission, or your tires tell you they need some kind of attention.

Fluids: If the gas gauge says 'Empty' then you go to the fueling station and feed it. Unfortunately most cars today don't tell you when your car needs other fluids like antifreeze, fluids, and oil. Check these often. A happy car is a floating down the road with its tanks and insides full of the best fluids on the market.

Fuel: Studies have show that the best gas for your car will have the highest amount of detergents in it. Detergents keep your engines clean and performing at their peak. Regular gas has the most detergents. They also say that you should not be roaming from cheap gas to cheap gas. Pick one gasoline brand and stick to for maximum car happiness.

Tires: The most important Tire attribute is safety. Find tires that have been tested done well in braking and handling, and hydroplaning tests. Also choose the right type of tires for your climate, to fit the weather patterns and road conditions. What type of tire does your manufacturer recommend? What kind of warranty is the tire dealer offering?

Mechanics: During and even after your car's warranty period take full advantage of your manufacturer's mechanics, even if you have to pay for some repairs. You paid for them too in your warranty. Sometimes a warranty's coverage will depend upon your insistence using the manufacturer's garages and their genuine auto parts. Besides, a manufacturer's mechanic was trained to know your type of car inside and out. You should be able to trust them, even if they cost more.

Owning a car means much more than just driving it, like driving a relationship means much more than just holding hands. In love and cruising there are duties and responsibilities involved that keep the love alive and relationship healthy.

If a singer, dancer, or actor steps on stage and is not being taken care of, and not feeling well, their performance will suffer, and so will your car's performance if its not taken care of. Make sure you are attending to its needs often, giving it the best auto parts and the best car accessories you can find. It'll thank you for it with the best rides it can give you.

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