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Taking care of the wheels of your car is not just

by:Tanco Tire,Timax Tyre     2020-08-20

Keep a Regular Check

A regular routine check of your wheels will allow you to see any minor rips or tears or any small punctures. If handled on time, they would reduce the risks of a flat tire as well as any accident that might occur because of it. Likewise, giving your tires a routine check would mean that you get to have long lasting tires. Keep the pressure of your tires under control. Overtime, tires tend to deflate which results in low pressure. This makes driving dangerous and breaking might become difficult with low-pressured tires. If the pressure gets too low, the tire might even burst. So make sure that you keep this in mind when Auto Detailing.


Another very important thing when it comes to wheel care is lubrication. Keep the chains finely lubricated. There are many Chain Lubricant easily available in the market. You can use them to grease the chains, struts and hinges of your car. This would ensure that there is no friction between the wheel or any other part of your car making driving smooth and safe. Lack of friction would also reduce any chances of your tire blowing up.

Spare Tire

Always have a spare tire with you. You never know when your tire might get punctured. Wherever the spare is kept, keep the flooring clean. If there is too much debris, you might to your frustration find out that the spare is as useless as the punctured tire! Regularly check the spare tire to be sure that it does not have any cuts or scrapes.

Wheel Paint

With the help of wheel paint, you can keep your wheel looking brand new. If you live in an area that has a rocky terrain, the paint of your wheel might get damaged in some places. This issue can easily be resolved with wheel paint and you do not have to seek professional help to apply it. The acrylic paint finish will make your wheel glow.


You can keep your wheels and tires clean by using wheel cleaners that wash all the dirt and debris away. This is important because sometimes, bacteria and fungi get stuck on the wheel and do not easily come out with water. These advanced cleaners make sure that your tires are sparkling bright all the time.

There are also vinyl-rubber care protectants available that clean as well as conditions the plastic and rubber trims of the tires. These give your tires durability and a pleasing visage.

Make sure that you keep these pointers in mind and use them regularly in your auto detailing. There is no point in giving maintenance after 2 or 4 months as the damage would by then be non-reparable.

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