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Studded tires have been in existence for the past

by:Tanco Tire,Timax Tyre     2020-09-14

Before acquisition of studded tires, it is good to understand what these studs look like. Tire studs consist of mainly two major parts: the tungsten carbide pin that protrudes out of the tires tread and the cylindrical metal jacket that is inside the tire. To protect the tube from this metallic stud part, it is coated or dressed with a rubber flange. It should be understood that tire studs work best on tires that are new. On old and ageing tires, trying to stud them can cause serious damage to your tire and tube. This is because of incorrect tire depth and the debris usually accidentally trapped in the tire closer to the tube. It is also not advisable to re-stud your used tires. If tried, there is a risk of total damage to your tires.

Since studded tires are made with different tread depths, the length of studs to be inserted into the tires must be considered. Inserting unconsidered lengths of studs into a tire with a longer or shorter tread depth can cause damage to the tires. It is therefore better that you acquire new such tires instead of getting your current tires fitted with studs. Though a little bit expensive, it is worth its value and because the tires are used only in winter, they can last for many years. The stud number on a tire depends on the depth of the molded hole. In most cases, newer tire studs get color coated in order to ease their identification.

The studded tires can last up to several winter seasons without wear. To maintain their effectiveness, it is better not to use these tires on roads without snow or ice. This is because on such roads, the studs will get destroyed easily and because they dig into the road as you are driving, motion resistance tends to increased. This will slow down your speed and of even greater danger is that you will be risking damage to your tube and rims. With proper usage, this type of tires can be very effective. Proper usage involves using them only in the winter season. During other seasons, you should consider changing your tires to the ones that work best on such conditions. This is not only good to the maintenance of the good shape of your car, but also a show of responsibility because the studs, when driven on normal roads, can cause considerable damage to the road surface.

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