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So you have in mind to purchase a secondhand car

by:Tanco Tire,Timax Tyre     2020-10-02


There are many legitimate sources when purchasing second hand cars. These can be found on the internet, in newspapers and magazines. After deciding where to purchase the car, the next step, after making initial contact with the company and deciding the car to purchase, is to request the full documentation of the vehicle being purchased. Ask for the service history of the car as this should contain information like previous accidents, and car repairs, among other things. Now that you have checked out the car and all the information is verified (if it does not then don't purchase the car), the next step is a visual inspection of the car.


If you don't know much about cars it is important to have somebody with you that does! Things that should be examined include: bodywork, tires, engine/oil.


It is highly recommended that the car be examined in broad daylight as it much harder to spots faults in the dark or rain. For example, if the paint is rippled this defect will be less noticeable in dim conditions, but against the light it is shown clearly, this would suggest that the car has been in an accident. Also look closely at the paintwork on the car. Is the color and texture consistent? If not it may have undergone a re-spray. Stay clear of cars with any signs of holes or rust that may be very expensive to repair.


Check the wear on the tyres. The tread depth should be at least the depth of a matchstick head. Are the tyres worn unevenly? This could indicate unbalanced wheels, incorrect wheel alignment, uneven brake action, or possible problems with the suspension of the car. Is the spare tyre in good condition as well? Ask when the car last had new tyres fitted and decide if the date given corresponds with what is presented.


Is the oil on the dipstick thick, does it contain water? Either way both suggests that the car has engine problems. If the oil has been regularly changed and the engine well looked after, the dipstick should come out relatively clean and golden. Black, tar-like oil indicates that the engine has not been maintained properly and therefore, it is not in a good condition.

These are just a few of the necessary requirements to get that second hand vehicle road worthy. With these hints surely you are on the path to road safety.

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