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So you are looking for a used snowplow truck to

by:Tanco Tire,Timax Tyre     2020-08-30

The answer to this questions is of major importants. OK, for the first application if your plowing just you own driveway an older snowplow truck that is being retired is fine, as long as all the major components work proper like the brakes, 4 wd, and the snowplow it self. If you are doing residential work you want thoroughly check out the snowplow truck prior to buying because now that truck is your reputation.

Homeowners do not like to be told their driveway won't be ready for them to go to work because your truck broke down. So when you are looking for a snowplow truck for sale you want to check out all the major components. Also run the plow makes sure everything works as it is suppose to. The other thing to keep in mind the brand of the truck, yes that's right. You do not want to buy a snowplow truck that is a special model because you will feel the pain when you need to get a part for it and you have to wait a few days instead of being in stock. Remember the auto parts stores stock what sells best not what doesn't.

The next thing to consider is if you are subcontracted by a municipality, this is usually being paid be the hour for your snowplow truck and you. Remember, this is not start and stop type of plowing this is usually continuous plowing on town road ways. They will usually give you a certain section in your town to plow. When you are looking at snowplows for sale , you again want to keep this in mind.

You do not want a six foot snowplow, you will want a truck with an 8' foot snowplow blade and with a rubber deflector. Good luck trying to plow a roadway with out a snowplow deflector on it at 30 mph or better. If you are looking at snowplow for sale this is what to look at, and do, pre-trip the truck first of all and that should cover all lights , tires ect. Then get on your creeper and start looking underneath check drive shafts, brake lines, cooler lines, wiring harness, fuel tank straps, exhaust and exhaust hangers, and check for fluid leaks. DO this inspection with the engine cold and then at operating temperature.

After dong that then cycle the plow many times not just once or twice why?, because, it takes a few cycles to warm up the hydraulic oil in the the snowplows system and then that's usually when the seals start to leak, and need to be replaced. After the inspection, if everything seems up to snuff and in good working order then make the seller a fair offer. Try not to wait to long, because if the truck is in good shape and everything is fine someone will buy it. Time is money you do no want to spend the plow season looking for a truck especially if you found what you are looking for. I will come out with more on this topic on our snowplow Blog in the next few weeks in the mean, time happy hunting.

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