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Snow/ Winter tyre design and excellent grips bring safe driving in winter condition. Four ribs and continuous grips getting wider from centre to shoulder,provide excellent snow removes. Detailed 3D sipes improve grips and traction on snow road,also improve the strength of blocks,providing excellent handling. Improved shoulder blocks and absorption holes, provide excellent grips on wet,snow and ice road. Special cold resistance compound for tread provide excellent breaking and safety. Continuous grooves from central to shoulder, bring excellent draining and safety. Directivity studs configuration provides excellent grips and guidance, guaranteeing traction and breaking. Special stud technique brings both grips and comfortable driving. Detailed sipes enlarge the ground contact area, draining water fast and improving grips. Straight main grooves design for excellent riding stability, prevent lateral slipping on ice and snow. Open grooves for effective water evacuation, greatly enhance the safety performance on ice-snow road. High density zigzag 3D sipes ensure the rigidity of pattern blocks, and improve road holding ability.

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