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Small cars are India's hot favorite. They offer

by:Tanco Tire,Timax Tyre     2020-09-06


Scorpio, as we all know, has a strong legacy behind it. Mahindra started with under-licensed production of Willys all-terrain vehicles in India. That expertise helped them to shape further Jeep-styled vehicles and SUVs in India. We had Bolero, Commander, Classic and many others. What all these vehicles lacked was passenger comfort. To fill that vacancy Mahindra indigenously developed Scorpio.

What it offers

At present, Mahindra Scorpio is available in 6 varieties - VLX, VLX Automatic, SLE, LX, EX and Getaway.

Let's have a glance.

VLX is the top-end Scorpio with all bells and jingles. It sports 2.2L 4-cylinde mHawk diesel engine, delivering 120 hp. Performance-wise it reaches 60 km/h from 0 in 5.7 second. You get all sedan-type luxury and safety. To name a few, you get ABS, collapsible steering, tubeless tires, fire retardant interior and crash protection internal structure. You can ask for airbags too, they are optional with this model.

VLX Automatic is for them who do not prefer too much of synchronized gear-clutch movements. It comes with 6-speed electronically automatic transmission. You can have 4-WD version too. That'll make off-road journeys smoother.

SLE is mid-priced model with same 2.2 L mHawk powerhouse. For convenient driving, it sports powered 'outside rear view mirrors'. Besides, you get digital engine immobilizer for dodging miscreants. It comes with 5-points cushion for comfortable riding even on uncompromising roads.

LX is the best deal Scorpio. It offers same power and drivability minus few luxuries at much affordable price.

Scorpio EX sports m2DiCR engine. Common rail technology offers much better fuel economy of 14 km/l without much of cut down on power and drivability. It reaches 0 to 60 km/l in 11.2 seconds. For safe driving you get crash protection crumple zone and collapsible steering. You can also keep car-thieves away with digital engine-immobilizer.

Getaway is pickup truck version of Scorpio. It is meant for international markets and already getting good response. Powerful 2.6L CRDe engine is strong enough to dare any terrain. Besides, you get all luxury of VLX series too.

So, do justice to your soul; let the poor soul breathe. It suffered enough of small caged boxes.

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