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Shirley Lourdes loved driving on weekends. She

by:Tanco Tire,Timax Tyre     2020-11-06

Suddenly she could feel something amiss. The tyres were losing their traction on the road. The traffic was sparse but there was a sedan moving beside her. A huge container truck was parked on the side curb and that is when she noticed that it had spilled some industrial sludge. She realized that her lost grip was due to the tyres soaked in the sludge and she tried to slow down her speed. She was now in between the tanker and the sedan and that was when she first saw Sarah. The 3yr old was playing with her teddy, blissfully unaware of the tragedy that was about to strike. Her parents were in the front seats.

Just then Shirley saw a huge SUV bearing down on them at high speed. She tried to somehow warn them but Sarah's father was more intent on pulling the sedan over by the road and didn't notice the SUV coming up. The last thing she saw was little Sarah showing her the teddy and giving her, a cute little smile. And Bang!! There was sickening crash of metal and the puff of her car air bags cushioning her body from the impact. Sarah and the SUV driver lost their lives. Shirley was physically unscathed, but the psychological impact was massive. Shirley would just collapse, crying and blaming herself in some way for the crash. She would wake up at nights drenched in sweat and utterly terrified. She had not sat behind the steering wheel since the crash and it was a huge ordeal in getting to her therapist. Her social life was in tatters and she had become a complete recluse.

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)

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Even FDA approves the use of Paroxetine in tackling PTSD, yet users should restrain in directly using Generic Paxil on their own. Although users can buy Paxil 20mg at the regular drugstores or can buy Paxil online from various online pharmacies, it is advisable to take up the use of Paxil 20mg or any antidepressant for that matter, only after a proper psychiatric evaluation.

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