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RC or radio controlled cars can range in price

by:Tanco Tire,Timax Tyre     2020-09-01

Some of the main things that you need to know about radio controlled cars before you select and buy one are:

1. The Grade: The price of the same model of a radio controlled car can greatly vary based upon whether it falls into the toy or the hobby grade. The hobby grade of cars includes radio controlled machines that are built for the RC enthusiast, and thus come with the best features, functions, durability, speed and scaling. On the other hand, toy grade machines are just thattoys that are built for kids, but even these might offer quality and a host of features based on their price. If you are an adult venturing into radio controlled racing, then you might want to invest in a hobby grade car or a high end toy grade car to get started and in order to perfect your driving skills.

2. The Fuel: Radio controlled cars today can run on different energy sources, ranging from batteries to petroleum. The latest of these are the gas powered cars. These cars are generally built to a larger scale than other types of radio controlled cars and run just like normal automobiles, producing fumes and noise in the bargain. Their engines are petrol driven and while their tanks can carry fuels for long distances, they are slower to accelerate than RC cars that run on other fuel sources.

The oldest type of RC cars is the one that runs on batteries. These RC automobiles rely on rechargeable batteries for power. Most racing enthusiasts keep spare batteries for races so that they can replace a car's exhausted batteries mid race. The advantage of battery run radio controlled cars is that they are the cleanest and the easiest to control. Being light weight, they accelerate quickly without producing noxious fumes.

In between these two kinds lies the racing enthusiast's favoritethe nitro car. Running on a combination of nitro-methane and lubricating oil, these cars can accelerate fast and achieve higher speeds than both gas and battery powered cars. However, because of the fuel used, they tend to produce both noise and exhaust, which is great if you are racing outdoors, but may prove painful if you are running your car in the drawing room even for a small period of time.

3. The Terrain: Radio controlled cars can be either off road or on road. On road models have racing tires and are built for high speeds for on road racing. On the other hand, off road RC cars generally come in the form of SUVs, trucks or truggies and have broader tires that provide a good grip over rough terrain. These are always slower and more rugged than on road RC car models. Both types come with all three energy options.

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