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Pit bikes are midsized versions of regular motorbikes

by:Tanco Tire,Timax Tyre     2020-08-24

Dirt bikes or pit bikes, though a bit smaller than the regular motorbikes, are very popular because of their versatility. Ever since dirt bikes became popular in the early 2000s, these vehicles have departed the usual motocross or supercross competitions and riders of this bike have established their own races.

In the past, pit bike enthusiasts upgraded the kids' minibike and applied needed modifications on it to turn it into a pit bike. After many years, manufacturers started to create, develop, and design these bikes that were really intended as pit bikes. These custom-made bikes do not require necessary modifications, making it a less expensive option for many enthusiasts who buy pit bikes online or with their local dealers.

Still, many riders who buy dirt bikes online frequently modify their bikes to suit their personalities and improve performance on the pits. They may replace the bike's engines, and upgrades on brakes and wheels may also be performed. Tires are sometimes changed to suit the pits and knobby tires are used for better off-road and street traction.

For guys who wish to buy dirt bikes online, here is a list of the top pit bikes that are sold by a number of Australian retailers and their specifications.

1. Pitpro 140cc SE Big Foot

This bike can be powered by a YX 4-stroke or a 4-stroke Lifan engine. Guys who want to buy pit bikes online can choose from either of these engines. It has a spring loaded folding clutch lever and the braced frame is made of durable chromoly. It has knobby tires for muddy pits and stainless steel footpegs. The body is made of sturdy KLX plastics, and both the chain guide and the sprocket are made of alloy.

2. Kamikazee 150cc Big Foot

Powered by authentic Lifan 16 horse power, this is a great bike for the dirt and other track conditions. It has folding clutch and brake levers, and the twin pipe frame is made of chromo trellis. Riders can beat any opponent because this bike reaches up to 100 kilometres per hour.

3. Widow Maker 140cc Big Foot

Generally, the engine for this kind of bike is made by YX or Lifan, and the levers and hub are made of standard alloy. In addition, the frame and subframe of these pit bikes are made of sturdy chromoly, too. This type of bike is perfect for beginners or for veteran riders.

4. Pitpro 110cc Dirt Bike

This midsized bike is great for kids and for adults, as well. People who wish to buy dirt bikes online should know that this type of bike is powered by a Lifan 110cc engine. The 10-inch knobby wheels are fitted on the front and back. Disc brakes are placed on the front and rear wheels to bring the bike to a full stop.

Those who wish to buy pit bikes online can do so, as the web has made it easier for buyers to search for them. They can choose between brands that will suit their personalities and their budget. In addition, they can also upgrade it according to their specifications for superior performance.

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