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by:Tanco Tire,Timax Tyre     2020-09-01

The Strzelecki 520 is a recently created model by the team at Winjana RV, and is designed for off-road use and in conditions that other caravans might have difficulty in. This particular model is the smallest currently offered by Winjana, though it has surprisingly complete furnishings for an Off Road 5th Wheeler of this size.


The 520 comes as two options. The first option includes a single large bed, but an optional variant splits the larger bed into two single-size beds with a night table in the middle (as opposed to two night tables on the outside). The rest of the vehicle holds a kitchen area (with a stove and fridge), a fold-away table, two dinette's, and an ensuite bathroom with shower, toilet and vanity basin. Seating space is limited, and though the dinette areas may be cushioned and reasonably comfortable, there is no extended couch or similar feature.

Illumination is provided in part by long-lasting, energy efficient LED lights, which work well with the solar panels that provide power to the 520. The fridge is tucked in near the doorway and can be used to keep food or drinks cold over extended periods of time.

The furnishings are similar to those of a decent motel, with comfortable mattresses and attractive oak imported from North America as the highlights of the interior. A variety of cupboards and cabinets provide room for food, medicine, and kitchen tools, while the vinyl floor is ideal for the rougher off-road conditions that the 520 is likely to encounter.

In essence, the 520 has all of the basic necessities for a fifth wheeler, and the interior is attractive, but it does not possess many features beyond the basics. The Strzelecki 520 is also available without an ensuite, which allows the dinette/kitchen area to be extended.


The 520 is a fifth wheeler intended for off-road use, and features a number of design choices that other recreational vehicles lack. These include increased ground clearance, brakes and tires intended for off-road use, shock absorbers, and (as mentioned above) a pair of solar panels that provide electricity to the interior of the unit. Various plugs are available to supply power and gas, and exterior storage is available - the small size of the 520 does not permit a great deal of excess storage, though what room it does have is carefully allotted for maximum utility.


The Strzelecki 520 is an excellent fifth wheeler for its size, with very solid construction. While its small size offers some benefits (such as the ability to get into tricky camping spots), it also places limitations on the use of the vehicle. Individuals and couples will find the 520 well-suited to their needs, but families with children should consider a larger vehicle.

In short: This Fifth Wheeler Review approves of the Strzelecki 520 for a particular market. It's very good at what it does, and some people will love the price, but it also has limitations and would not suit everyone.

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