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One needs to be extra careful when driving during

by:Tanco Tire,Timax Tyre     2020-09-03

As a driver you need to be extra careful when driving through slippery winter roads. Careless driving can lead to dire consequences. These difficult roads can hone one's driving skills and at the same time test the mechanical limits of your car.

The following are lists of helpful suggestions from my Vernon Ford dealer friend on how to successfully drive in winter roads:

First, take your car for a pre-winter check. Better safe than risk your life. You want to check your tires if it is inflated properly for winter driving. Inquire from friendly staffs in any Ford dealer to know your tires proper inflation. Over inflation can reduce traction on the road which may result to deadly skids and slips. Your tires' tread is designed to firmly set on the road so you want to maximize its grip especially when driving through slippery roads.

Shaded roads or overhanging bridges are fastest to ice than ordinary roads. This is because ordinary roads have the earth's heat to delay its freezing. When passing through these icy roads, drive slowly than usual because these roads are very slippery and you have increased risk for skids and slips.

Second, allow additional time for each trip. Because winter condition makes driving a bit difficult you need to give more time allowance to reach your destination. You can help it by cleaning the frost on your car windows, windshield, side and front mirrors. Never splash our pour warm water on your windshield. Warm water on very cold glass could shatter or break it. Don't put your heater on a re-circulation mode because it increases humidity inside your car.

Lastly, firm road grip and driving skills are important when driving through winter conditions. Control is the key to avoid skids and slips. Remember that it is only a set of four squares of your tires that actually bonds with the road and creates a grip so make sure that you max out on it when driving through very slippery roads. Additionally, you will benefit from an all wheel drive and electronic traction control. Below are tips to help you maximize road traction:

Remember roads are very slippery so drive slowly making sure that the wheels are rolling and not spinning or sliding.

In case you need to speed up because you need to be on time, just step on the gas gently and gradually. Don't let your tires slip or skid. If you notice you are beginning to lose traction reduce speed of your car.

When applying your brakes you need to do it slowly also applying the pressure slowly. Applying the brake suddenly will make your car spin.

Ford dealers will tell you that most if not all Ford cars have a Hill Descent Control installed in them. The system applies the brake and controls the speed of the car when descending down the hill. The system is controlled by the cruise control buttons near or on the steering wheel.

In case your car does not have a hill descent control system. Just drive slowly in steep or descending roads applying your brakes gently and drive slower than you are used to.

Before you turn to a corner apply your brakes first. As always drive slower. You can increase your speed when driving to a straight road. Remember not to turn if you are braking or speeding up and vice versa.

Lastly, avoid driving when you are tired or stressed out because your reflexes and judgement can be dulled and always wear your seat belts.

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