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One cannot simply imagine all the fun and thrill

by:Tanco Tire,Timax Tyre     2020-11-10

This world's fiercest truck racing is a massive event that consists of gigantic truck racing each other and also some freestyle events as well. This is America's most popular game that has grabbed the attention of million audiences due to its rocking image. Grand stadiums of U.S and Europe are the places where these races are organized and its finale is held in Les Vegas. It is estimated that around 4 million people gather at various venues to mesmerize with this auspicious truck racing.

Facts for doubling your fun-meter

Wacky names

The wacky names of these adventurous monster trucks are always fascinating and moving like Blue Thunder, Bounty Hunter, Maximum Destruction, Monster Mutt and Grave Digger.

Eye catching color paints

Eye catching color paints of these monster trucks are a source of attraction for fans of all ages especially kids. It keeps the eyes locked to the track of all the audience which is present there.

Adventurous moments

The race is full of dazzling moments that hold your breath from start to finish as you watch the risk of crossing the trucks side by side. It is not less than a death game that can even compel you to scream.

Magical track

The magical track uses 700 cubic yards of grim in a stadium whereas an arena utilizes 3500 cubic yards. Such magical track gives adventurous race view.

Biggest touring monster truck venture

Advance Auto Parts Monster Jam is the biggest touring venture that offers exciting entertainment due to which million of fans visit this full of thrilling race at any cost.

Roars of engines

Roars of engines is the peculiar feature of this race. If we call it noise then it will be absolutely wrong as for the fans this noise is melodious that contributes to their excitement and serves as fascinating as anything.

Thrilling competition

There are two types of competition freestyle and racing. In racing competition truck follows the route side by side. Winning crown is awarded to the truck which crosses the ending line first and has lowest penalties. In freestyle completion drivers are restricted by time.

Costly gigantic trucks

12 feet wide and 12 feet tall Advance auto parts monster jam trucks are very heavy having weight of 10,000 pounds. The tires are 66 inches high and the cost involved is $250,000 to build and $100,000 is required for its spare parts.

This race is not a child's play. Drivers go through severe training before driving these terrible trucks just to entertain you guys. This is what we call a true entertainment! Fans are as desperate as anything to become the eyewitness of this spectacular race by snatching Advance Auto Parts Monster Jam tickets.

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