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A green tire is placed inside a large mold for the curing process. A tire mold is shaped like a monstrous metal clam which opens to reveal a large, flexible balloon called a bladder. The green tire is placed over the bladder and, as the clamshell mold closes, the bladder fills with steam and expands to shape the tire and force the blank tread rubber against the raised interior of the mold. During this curing process, the steam heats the green tire up to 280 degrees. Time in the mold depends on the characteristics desired in the tire.

After curing is complete, the tire is removed from the mold for cooling and then testing. Each tire is thoroughly inspected for flaws such as bubbles or voids in the rubber of the tread, sidewall, and interior of the tire. Then, the tire is placed on a test wheel, inflated, and spun. Sensors in the test wheel measure the balance of the tire and determine if the tire runs in a straight line. Because of the design and assembly of a modern tire, rarely is one rejected.


Quality control begins with the suppliers of the raw materials. We test the raw materials before they are delivered to the TIMAX tire plant. To insure the certification of raw materials suppliers, our chemists make random tests of the raw materials as they are delivered.

Throughout the batch mixing process, samples of the rubber are drawn and tested to confirm different properties such as tensile strength and density. Each tire assembler is responsible for the tire components used. Code numbers and a comprehensive computer record-keeping system allow plant managers to trace batches of rubber and specific tire components.
When a new tire design is being manufactured for the first time, hundreds of tires are taken from the end of the assembly line for destructive testing. Some of the tires, for example, are sliced open to check for air pockets between body plies, while others are pressed down on metal studs to determine puncture resistance. Still other tires are spun rapidly and forced down onto metal drums to test mileage and other performance characteristics.

In addition to internal testing, feedback from consumers and tire dealers is also correlated with the manufacturing process to identify process improvements.Constant improvements in rubber chemistry and tire design are creating exciting new tires that offer greater mileage and improved performance in extreme weather conditions. 


A variety of nondestructive evaluation techniques are also used in tire quality control. X-ray videography provides a quick and revealing view through a tire. In an X-ray tire test, a tire is selected at random and taken to a radiation booth where it is bombarded with X-rays. A test technician views the X-ray image on a video screen, where tire defects are easily spotted. If a defect shows up, manufacturing engineers review the specific steps of tire component assembly to determine how the flaw was formed.

By using through conveyer, all tires will be sent to uniformity and dynamic balance checking system, which will help to cut 8% labor work, increase 5% efficiency.


Once the tire has been inspected and run on the test wheel, it is moved to a warehouse for distribution.
TIMAX tire has advanced store management, it can make the fast-delievery possible, help our customer get the tires in a short time.




Compared to the carbon black, white carbon black can effectively reduce tire rolling resistance and improve service life. It can make tires more environmentally-friendly.


It shows a good performance in abrasion, damping, airtightness, it is the most important raw material of tire industry.


By using reinforced steel wire, effectively prevent the deformation of the tire and provide good puncture and cuts resistance.


Special scientific formulation, provides higher loading capacity and excellent resistance to punctures and chunking.

In-door test

Each of tires will pass the appearance check, uniformity test, X-ray detection before approaching market.


It can make the fast-delievery possible, help our customer get the tires in a short time.


To provide products with better quality to our clients and bring better profits to our distributors is always our pursuit. 
We do hope to create a better future with more partners.

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