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Now that the winter's here, it's important to

by:Tanco Tire,Timax Tyre     2020-09-11

In the rain, flat tires are considerably more common than in the dry. It has to do with the way trash gathers, which is usually in patterns the unaccustomed rider is unused to. The result necessitates at least a patch kit, because it can be tricky and miserable to patch a tire when things are wet and you have to walk to the nearest pump. A spare tube is by far the easier option when it's pouring cats and weasels. For this, carry bike accessories such as a wrench if you don't have quick-release wheels, as well as a butter knife for popping the tire out of the wheel. Moreover, it may help to try to ride away from the curb, where debris often collects, and closer to the tire tracks of the road, as long as there are no cars.

In the snow, don't be afraid to take a different route. Main roads that are normally too busy for bikes are usually the only ones clear after a storm, which means more careful drivers, and more space for cyclists. If you do see a rough patch, don't be afraid to dismount and walk a few blocks; it's better than taking a spill.

When arriving home, wipe your bike down and lube the chain. If the bike's heart is the chain, water is cholesterol . There are specific kinds of lube that work well under wet conditions - they are stickier and will help to keep the chain turning without clicks and bumps.

As far as protecting yourself against the elements goes, you want to keep your face, hands, core and feet warm since they are the body areas that drain heat the fastest. If you're riding at night, think about a light that blinks, which will alert cars to your presence and help you avoid pitfalls.

Overall, biking in the winter will take more of a toll on your bike than biking in the summer, but if you take proper care and maintain it well, you shouldn't have much to worry about -- bike maintenance is still much cheaper than gas.

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