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Now that Fall is here, it will not be long before

by:Tanco Tire,Timax Tyre     2020-10-30

Check the tires and the spare. If your tires are worn, you should replace them. Worn tires do not provide much traction and do not handle well on wet or icy roads. The same is true for high performance tires. If you have those tires, you should consider putting snow tires on your car. You should also check the air pressure in your tires. Cold air makes the air in tires contract and that contraction may make the tires too low.

Check the battery. Very cold temperatures can drastically reduce the power of your battery. You should have the battery tested at a certified repair shop. Also, check the posts and connections on your battery to make sure they are free of debris.

Change the oil in the car. Before you change it, check the owner's manual to see if the manufacturer recommends a thinner oil be used in your car during the winter months.

Check the belts and hoses. If any of them show signs of wear, they should be replaced. Winter is not the time you want to be stranded because a belt or hose broke.

Check the mixture of antifreeze. Ideally, there should be equal parts of antifreeze and water. Most auto parts stores sell inexpensive testers.

Check the brakes, lights, heater and defroster and make any necessary repairs.

Replace the wiper blades and fill the washer fluid reservoir.

Check the 4WD on your car, if applicable. It should engage properly.

In addition to the above, there are several items you should put in your car in preparation for the cold and snow. Here is a list;

An emergency road kit including a blanket, flashlight, flares, etc.

A first aid kit.

A tool kit and jumper cables.

A snow brush, ice scraper, shovel, etc.

A bag of sand or non-clumping car litter.

Some extra clothes such as warm socks, a hat, gloves, boots, etc.

A small supply of water and food such as hard candy, nuts, energy bars, etc.

When the weather does turn cold remember to keep your gas tank full. This will prevent moisture from freezing the gas lines in your car. It is also a good idea to keep your cell phone charged in case you get stuck and to keep an aerosol de-icer with you in case the door locks on your car freeze.

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