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Nissan Titan is a full sized pickup truck that

by:Tanco Tire,Timax Tyre     2020-11-09

Firstly, you have to align your automobile's dead center in your driveway. This means that you need to perfectly lineup the front and back of your car in the center.

Secondly, bring your vehicle close to the garage door. It should be as close as possible to the door so that can get without hitting it.

Thirdly, place a tape on the point where the head lamp beam falls on the garage door. Make sure that it should be a small dot of light.

Fourthly, Drive back 25 inches back from the garage door. This means that your Nissan Titan HID Projector Headlights should be 25 inches away from the door of the garage. By this, it does not mean that your car bumper or tires should be 25 inches away.

Fifthly, Place a vertical line with tape intersecting each piece of tape that you placed on the garage door. These are the points where your car lights were hitting. Employ a straight edge or yardstick to make perpendicular as it is significant of for the headlight aiming from right to the left and up and down. The reason for such a check is that if your Titan lights are aiming towards left, it will produce glare on the approaching traffic and if the focus of these lights is aimed too far right, you will not getting the things that you should get from your lights.

Sixthly, cover up the headlight of passenger side with a thick towel and turn on the lights. Bring the lower step of the cutoff to or under the tape line which is 2.1inches lower than the headlights. The vertical line made through the tape on the driver's side should cross the middle of the incline on the cutoff. Moving the projectors from right to the left may affect the stature of the beam pattern. If you find the same, simply go back and fine tune your lights.

Seventhly, now cover the headlights present at the driver's side with a thick towel and perform the up/down and right/left procedure and see the results.

Following all these steps in a proper manner will make it easy for you to drive safely without facing any glare problem. This is something very common problem seen during the night which is all because of improper light setting.

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