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Nissan has redesigned its mid-size-family sedan

by:Tanco Tire,Timax Tyre     2020-08-17

Features of the car

Dimensional changes

The new Altima grows about an inch in the overall length and almost 1.3 inches in width. Despite the changes in dimension, the new model is 80 pounds lighter though the new model not at all look that lighter. The increased width will make it appear more substantial yet you cannot miss the stylistic element of the newly designed Altima.

Change in look

The new look is in fact an amalgamation of the stylistic elements that are witnessed in the Nissan family. The surface is little similar to Infiniti G37, you will get a resemblance with Maxima while watching the headlights and the big chrome framed grill all contribute to the renewed look of this sedan. The smooth shape and use of sound absorbing material have made the cabins quieter.

Renewed cabins

Nissan claimed that the cabin is much better than the previous versions of the car. There are some standard and optional features in this newly designed cabin. It includes 4 inches reconfigurable color display the analog gauges and audio system settings, it is really interesting that the pictogram of the car displayed on the screen can be matched with your own car's color.

Changes in technology

It has got advanced driver focused technology that will keep you informed regarding important matters and will minimise distraction. The smart technology will alert you about the moving object that you might miss, warn you about the blind spot, when the tires require air or when it is inflated. Not happy with the technology yet- there is also an Active Under steer Control. The seats are inspired by NASA's zero gravity units. So you have to restrain yourself all the times with a belt.

Therefore, the innovations are not exactly something to satisfy a tech geek but really useful.

Achieving fuel economy

The engine has got four cylinders of 2.5ltrs which helps the new Altima to achieve the tag of fuel efficient car. It has achieved a fuel economy of 27mpg in city and 38 mpg on highway. Output is rated at 182 horsepower and 180 lb-ft of torque. A reworked Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT) delivers an improvement in fuel economy in association with the cylinders. The fuel efficiency becomes even better when these features are assimilated with 270-hp V-6. The end result is a leading fuel efficient car.

The Nissan will be available in base-level in S, SV and SL with 2.5 ltr and V-6. Nissan has plans to introduce a new two door versions of the new car. They have already started working on the new second generation hybrid versions. Nissan, which has outsold all the varieties of car but Camry, is expected to be best seller with these improvements.

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