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Need for Car Insurance:

by:Tanco Tire,Timax Tyre     2020-09-20

Driving accidents whether small or big, are caused due to human error or mechanical failure. There seems no way to avoid human errors. It is however, possible to defray the cost of unplanned expenses due to accidents with insurance.

In the United States, it is mandatory to have car insurance to be allowed to drive. Across all countries, car insurance provides peace of mind since all possible expenses due to negligent driving is taken care of.

Cheaper women's car insurance rates?

Contrary to popular perception that men make better drivers, why is it that insurance companies provide car insurance to women at rates which are significantly lower than those for men with the same coverage?

Statistically, women have been proven to drive safer and more reliable cars as compared to men.

Women are more cautious while driving and take fewer risks than men

Women drive less often and for shorter distances as compared to men. Rates of premia are directly linked to mileage- higher the mileage, higher the rate and vice versa.

Women make better use of safety features in their cars in comparison with men

Police records show that women drivers have fewer traffic offence records as compared to men.

Since figures prove that women are safer drivers, the risk in providing insurance cover to women drivers is less than that for men. Insurance companies accordingly have offered car insurance at cheaper rates for women. Demographics show that women opt for a policy which offers comprehensive cover for all damages and repairs as against a cover for damages by a third party .

Tips to get insurance at cheaper rates:

Before insuring a person, the insurance company will take into account certain parameters which can be leveraged by a woman to get cheap rate.

Age of the driver - Older women drivers have more experience in driving. The risks are lowered and premia will be lower for an older women as compared to that for a young woman.

Number of years of driving experience- Other things remaining the same, longer the driving experience, lower is the premia.

Driving record and prior offences if any- A clean driving record implies a lower possibility of damage claims. The insurance company rewards the careful driver with lower premia.

General condition, age and built in safety features of the vehicle: Newer vehicles call for lower premia as there is lesser risk of claims due to repairs and replacement as compared to older vehicles. A car with safety features like airbags and snow tires attracts lower premia.

Credit record of the person being insured: A clean record of payments and no defaults reflect upon the reliability of the peson being insured. As there is lesser risk, premia are lower for people with a clean payment record.

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