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Motorcycles are the true vehicle of the people

by:Tanco Tire,Timax Tyre     2020-08-23

RC motorcycle racing is a fast growing facet or the RC community. The motorcycles are being improved every year with new technology such as gyroscopes and brushless motors. Many of them are surprisingly affordable and make great gifts for the RC enthusiast. Because motorcycles handle so much differently from other RC vehicles, learning to master them can be an exciting task for even the most experienced driver. No RC collection should be considered complete without at least one RC motorcycle.

Any fans of the Ducati brand will surely appreciate the officially license Silverlit Ducati Desmosedici. This is a 1:12 scale vehicle based on the line of prototype motorcycles that Ducati produces to run the MotoGP World Championship. Ducati has run a version of this bike every year since 2003. The RC model is one of the most realistically handling RC motorcycles every produced. A special gyro controller and working front and rear suspension makes the Desmosedici extremely precise, and the driver actually shifts his weight in the corners. Adjustability comes in the form of a throttle rate selector, adjustable steering trim system and brake endpoint adjustment.

Those who prefer their motorcycles on dirt rather than asphalt will appreciate the ZX Power Super Cross. This is a micro motorcycle that fits in the palm of a hand and makes a great stocking stuffer. Its light weight, combined with working suspension, moving driver legs and off-road rubber tires helps the ZX Power Supercross go wherever it pleases. It conveniently charges directly off the transmitter which is adjustable to different frequencies so multiple motorcycles can be raced at once. The ZX Power Supercross is extremely affordable and the perfect tool for carving up dirt bmx tracks or even homemade mini tracks.

One of the most popular motorcycles among teenagers, hooligans and other people that break speed limits is the Suzuki GSX-R. These motorcycles are so popular they have even spawned their own nickname, and are affectionately referred to as 'Gixxers'. This officially licensed 1:9 scale RC Gixxer is based on the GSX-R1000, the largest and fasted bike in the line. Features include working front and rear suspension, rubber tires, a removable driver and removable training wheels for those new to RC motorcycles. The pistol grip remote has a unique feature - the steering wheel is a replica of the GSX-R handlebars and dashboard.

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