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Motorcycle tires performance are one of the hot

by:Tanco Tire,Timax Tyre     2020-08-21

What seems to be of the most importance is how you use something and whether or not you feel it performs to your standards versus the standards of others. By far and away your own happiness or satisfaction is worth more than any other aspect of any scenario. So enough with the hypothetical horse pucker and let's get going.

It is of little secret or great deal of intricacy that if you ask a question of ten people you will get ten different answers. That being said according to polls and just plain talking to the average person on the street here in the U.S. our favorite tire manufacturer is Dunlop. They are one of the few proud national manufacturers here in the states and by large the most prevalent sponsor of the closed course racing here with the AMA series being ran exclusively on them. I am not a fan or control tires for racing but must say that it does help to cut costs and make the same options available to everyone leveling the playing field. And Dunlop does make an excellent quality tire. I have ran the Qualifiers and D207s in the past and must admit that they where a good tire. Handling and control always had a good feel to it and the only complaint you would see me muster is that I had the center wear out of every back tire I have ever had (no fault of Dunlop's). This reoccurring phenomenon is something I have yet to resolve but with a few more tires I should be able to get it straightened out!

Next on the list of preferred brands is the Metzeler brand. These are some of the pricier units on the market but they do seem to have a cult following for people who use them. Metzelers are made in Germany and do have a great reputation as far as wear and performance go. It is the price point that drives a lot of people from using them as they are a little bit spendy.

Michelin is another popular choice among the sporting community. The French based tire manufacturer has a very good following and is by far one of the more popular makers worldwide. Here in the states they follow Dunlop but have an excellent racing heritage that goes back a long ways. They do an excellent job of making a good motorcycle tire.

One of the leading edge manufacturers in the industry is Bridgestone. Bridgestone is currently the sole tire supplier for MOTO GP racing through next year and maker of some excellent designs and features. This Japanese maker has some excellent motorcycle tires out there on the market with a great variety of compounds and styles to choose from. Bridgestone is also one of the better values out there as far as price wise. They are the second largest tire manufacturer in the world and have developed a lot their technology in the racing field. Making tires for everything from mopeds to Formula One cars and MOTO GP bikes Bridgestone knows what it takes to make a winning tire or one that is just plain dependable.

Pirelli is also a good manufacturer with a manufacturing facility the U.S. in Rome Georgia. The Italian company has some good sporting tire models and is a great choice as well. In the motorcycle tires arena Pirelli has stepped up its game in the last few years and has done a good job of making a quality product.

There are a lot more out on the market but the ones mentioned are some of the more influential players on the market today! The info should help you decide what you are looking for in a motorcycle tire manufacturer. All of them make a good tire and you should be able to find a model that suits your riding style and tastes.

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