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Minning/ Mountain Series patterns with big deep block provide strong traction and braking power. Open groove and bottom design given excellent self-cleaning performance Reinforced bead and body to strengthen the puncture resistance, tear resistance. Suitable for driving wheel position for short mileage vehicles running on various of non-paved roads. Super abrasion resistance, excellent heat dissipation performance, good handling and traction,with higher original mileage, excellent fuel efficiency. Closed shoulder maintains a good irregular wear resistance. With excellent crack and tear resistance character. Transverse big block type and deeped pattern design, provides superior driving performance. The open type groove design has a good self-cleaning ability. In particular, the strength of reinforced carcass design, provide greater carrying capacity. Tough belt construction, with high wear resistance and good impact force, Reinforced bead provide good traction.Unique belt structure, with high wear-resistance and low producing heat crown formulation. Has a strong grip and wet-slip resistance performance. Optimized and enhanced bead design,  especially for special conditions. Special designed mine pattern tyre for harsh road ,with wide tyre crown and deep tread, which could provide higher mileage.The large lateral pattern block can produce the driving forces, maintaining excellent grip performance both in the dry and wet road condition.

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