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Maruti brand is the well admired car brand in

by:Tanco Tire,Timax Tyre     2020-08-13

1.Regular oil change:- As we all know, the engine oil keeps well lubricated the engine components of a vehicle which consecutively reduces the friction among the components and keeps them working for longer. But by the time, the engine oil loses its lubrication power due to mixing of dirt and metal particles in it. As per the guidelines from Maruti swift, the engine oil of a car should be replaced after every 10,000 km/ 1 year which ever comes earlier.

2.Check Fluids level:- There are many fluids that fall necessary in the better functioning and performance of various components of Maruti Swift Diesel. These fluids include Coolant Fluid, Transmission fluid, battery fluid and brake fluid. The level of all types of fluids should be checked/ maintained on a weekly basis and should be refilled consequently.

3.Check the tyre Pressure:- Check and adjust pressure when tyres are cold. Over and under inflated tyres can cause uneven tyre wear, jerky vehicle handling and ride, and even hazardous conditions if the pressure is too severely out of control.

4.Drive cautiously:- Avoid jack-rabbit starts and sudden stops as it puts extra strain on engine and brakes driving. Also, avoid driving at high speed and depressing the accelerator pedal to kick-down or full throttle position. Make only gentle and slight movements with your accelerator, brake, and steering wheel.

5.Regular Servicing:- It is very important to get your Maruti Swift Diesel car for servicing as per schedule mentioned in the manual. Regular service can help extend the life of your car, providing you with reliable transportation for several years.

So make a point to strictly follow the above Maruti swift maintenance tips for a great driving experience.

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