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Mario Kart 7 is probably the biggest 3DS release of 2011

by:Tanco Tire,Timax Tyre     2020-08-17


Personalise Your Kart - Select from various available frames for your kart, each frame-type with a different weight as well as handling properties. Pick from a variety of tires, and each individual tire will perform better on different road surfaces - huge tire-types will be suited for off-road tracks and smaller sized tire-types for street courses. Select an attachment for your kart, like the hand gliding attachment or even propeller add-on.

Add-Ons to Fly, Dive and Fire - The hand-gliding attachment makes it possible for ones vehicle to fly above the ground, find other routes, as well as collect coins in mid air. The propeller add-on enables your kart to travel under the surface of the sea. Many weapon add-ons are available in this game - new weapon-types include the Super Leaf and the Fire Flower.

Vintage Mario Kart Gameplay - Popular elements from past Mario Kart titles return, including coins which may be collected for boosting a kart's top speed or defences. Gamers can also make use of the trick strategy and acquire boosts by carrying out tricks whilst in mid-air.

Wonderful Mario Kart Graphics - This game includes the greatest visuals ever in a Mario Kart title, and this game runs at an incredible 60 frames per second. The full 3D support increases the sense of falling and the improved sense of depth helps with calculating distances and viewing items and in-game effects (such as the 'ink blot' special effect).

Popular Mario Heroes - Select to play as any favourite character from past Mario video games. New personas include Metal Mario, Lakitu, Shy Guy, Honey Queen and Wiggler. Characters now relate with one another during a race, and often will turn their heads, glare and make faces at other nearby racers.

Steer Via Motion Control - Making use of the gyroscope built into the Nintendo 3DS, an optional driving option allows gamers to steer by tilting their 3DS left and right.

Tracks Galore - Mario Kart 7 has sixteen completely new tracks, along with 16 previous Mario Kart game courses that have been remastered and in this game contain new twists. Race in a number of terrains, including mountain passes, in busy cities and dusty deserts.

Local and Online Multiplayer - As many as eight players may race in multiplayer, both online, or local via wireless connections. Mario Kart 7 supports both StreetPass/SpotPass, and players can now exchange action-replays of their greatest Mario Kart races.

The official release date for Mario Kart 7 is slated around 2nd Dec, 2011, and will be sold only on 3DS Consoles. The video game will be published by Nintendo, and Nintendo EAD were the developers of this game. Multiplayer options will be catered for in this video game, and up to 8 participants may play. The PEGI rating specified for this game is PEGI 3, and is therefore suited for gamers 3 years as well as older.

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