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by:Tanco Tire,Timax Tyre     2020-10-01

When you look at any vehicle you see that the tyres are always in contact with the road surface. This contact leads to generation of heat due to friction which results in plenty of wear and tear.Tyres are usually made of synthetic rubber or natural rubber with other components.Rubber is rather susceptible to friction and hence needs to be changed from time to time. However the longevity of a tyres life can be maximized with proper care.

One must have a local garage check the tyres on a consistent basis, in the sense that if you live in Belfast , visit Gilnahirk Tyres Belfast and have their experts inspect your vehicle. It is always best to travel a short distance when you have a tyre problem, in order to minimize the damage done to the tyres by driving long distances. Also if something were to happen to your tyre it could have very serious implications. It could disturb the steering and could play havoc with the braking and acceleration. This may result in a life threatening situation.

A few things to look out for while having the tyre checked out:

The tyre pressure is the first thing one must check for. Ideal pressure in the tyre enables smooth steering for the vehicle. If your tyres are under inflated then they wear out faster and also causes the vehicle to consume more fuel. Also if your tyres are not correctly filled you may have to change them sooner than expected.

The tyre is typically made of two constituents:

1. The body and

2. The tread.

The tread ensures the grip and the body contributes to the support of the wheel etc. however with constant use the tread tends to bald and you may have a tyre with diminishing grip which can out you in a potentially dangerous situation. Therefore it is wise to keep a check on the tread and make sure to change it before it gets bald or worn out completely. This is a mandatory check to keep the wheel alignment correct.

Wheel alignment and wheel balance go hand in hand to ensure that the vehicle moves in a well-directed manner. While the alignment of the wheels is preset at the time of manufacture,however as you drive it and get into minor accidents and go over bad patches on the roads this alignment tends to change.

The balance of the wheel is best for the overall performance of the car. If you notice any irregular vibrations etc then you must have it checked out. You must also check out the suspensions.

It is always wise to carry a spare tyre so you can take care of an emergency without doing more damage to the tyre.

You can find out more about the garages around you online. Most such garages have a website that you can refer to.

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