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Many people believe that a tyre essentially consists

by:Tanco Tire,Timax Tyre     2020-10-30

With this in mind, let us consider some of the main differences between car and motorcycle tyres. This kind of understanding is valuable when making decisions about what kind of performance and lifespan you can expect out of a tyre, whether you are shopping for a car or a motorcycle. For both cars and motorcycles, the tyre is the medium between yourself and the road. As you transfer power from the engine of your vehicle to the tyres they must have some sort grip or traction on the road to propel you forward. Here is where we see one of the main differences between motorcycle tyres and car tyres. Cars are much heavier than motorcycles and require less traction due to the weight of the car pressing down on the tyres and increasing the traction.

Another difference in the tyres is also related to traction in relation to the road. Since motorcycle tyres require more grip, the kind of rubber that is used to make the tyre is different. Softer rubbers provide greater traction for the vehicle. Although, this material is somewhat of a trade off. The softer rubber lessens the life of the tyre overall. There are a huge number of variations when it comes to both motorcycle and car tyres. What dictates the choice of tyre relates to how the vehicle is used. For instance, off road cycling calls for tyres with greater grip, though the life of the tyre is decreased. Cruising bikes usually have sturdier tyres with less traction and a greater lifespan. When making the comparison, car tyres do last much longer than motorcycle tyres simply because they are made using denser rubber.

One consideration taken into account when designing motorcycle tyres that does not arise for car tyres is the fact that motorcycles do not have extensive shock adsorbing systems. To make up for that and provide the rider comfort, the tyre must double as a shock absorber. Other differences between the two types of tyres relate to how they wear and the metal weaving inside the rubber that provides the tyre infrastructure.

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