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Let's start at the beginning, what is a truck

by:Tanco Tire,Timax Tyre     2020-11-04

So what is the day of a trucker like? Well, they start out with inspecting their truck like I just mentioned, they have to check tires, bumpers, the hood brakes, everything for safety precautions. Then they have to fill out their working log, they need to jot all information from how many hours they drove, slept, refueled, they need to keep this log handy for whenever they are asked to present it. Now they contact dispatch, getting and giving all known information, where they are going, how long it should take to get there, are there any added or unexpected stops ahead. They get all directions needed and any items that will be needed for the days' work load.

Now they are on their way, how far they will go will depend on the distance they are traveling, if they are going more than a day's distance they will space out the driving, if they are likely to arrive in a few hours they will most likely continue till they hit their destination. There are laws that do not allow truck drivers to just drive all hours of the day and night till they get to where they are going, if they are headed a day or two away they must follow these laws. The most recent law says that a truck driver can drive for up to 11 hours in a 24 hour day with a 10 hour rest period. There needs to be a full 10 hour straight break from one day to the other, which cannot be split up, but with an additional 3 hours in the day there is still more time for afternoon breaks. Drivers stop when their schedule is open for the break, they eat, shower, use restrooms, even just a good stretch, always being sure to jot it all down in their log books. But in no way can they drive more than 11 hours in a day.

As for deliveries and pickups, it is up to the driver to have all the information of the person or company expecting to receive or deliver a shipment. They must call ahead to be sure someone will be expecting them; they carefully pull into the area allowed and either deliver or receive shipments. Once finished, the driver logs everything in and moves on to the next location.

Truck drivers are genuinely friendly people; they travel throughout the United States meeting lots of different people. Interacting with diverse individual's every day; they listen to music, news or even sport games on the radio. Truck driving is a great job for anyone who loves peace and quiet mixed with meeting lots of different people all over the world, oh, and you have to like to drive too!

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