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by:Tanco Tire,Timax Tyre     2020-08-23

Kuhmo Tires is operated out of Korea and got its start in the 1960s; prior to 1996 the company was known as Samyang Tires. Kumho is well known for offering quality tires at an affordable price. The types of vehicles that utilize Kumho tires include SUVs, cars, and small trucks. The company has a division in the United States that is run out of California. Kumho is among the top ten tire makers in the world based on the sheer number of tires they produce. Although Kumho tires typically last longer and include better warranties; there are some tire brands that will cost twice as much as a Kumho tire.

The Formula 3 Euro Series in 2009 used Kumho, and only Kumho, to supply tires for this grand racing event. Many car makers rely on Kumho, including Chrysler, Hyundai, and Mercedes-Benz, among others.

Kumho tires are considered by some to be superior to the competition because they make tires that are good all year round. It is only fair to note that a few complaints have been made about the KH-16 model sometimes slipping on wet or snowy roads, but such complaints can be made about almost any tire.

The KR-21 model is a big upgrade. Wear and tear has been significantly reduced; the tire has a very smooth ride, reduces gas consumption, and is also very quiet.

The LX Platinum tire has gotten good reviews. It has excellent traction, its treads last a long time, and road noise is kept at a minimum.

Unfortunately, the ASX tire from the Ecsta line-up did not measure up as well. It faced some handling difficulties in severe weather, and the tread wore down a little bit quicker as well.

All the models in the Road Venture line-up received favorable reviews. Performance in all kinds of weather was optimal, the tread was very durable, and the tires were pretty quiet.

Kumho is a company always looking towards the future. They are designing more environmentally friendly tires, including ones made with synthetic rubber.

Kumho makes tires for a wide variety of vehicles for different weather conditions. Overall, their tires have proven to be long-lasting, functional, and quite affordable. A Kumho tires review indicates this company is an excellent choice for your tire needs.

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