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by:Tanco Tire,Timax Tyre     2020-08-27

Touring bicycles are made for bicycle touring appropriate for long journeys. They are resistant & tough, efficient in carrying bags, and also showcase a wide gear range. They possess unique characteristics which may comprise of a long wheelbase that avoids pedal-to-luggage conflicts, heavy duty wheels ensuring load capacity, a frame that allows flexibility over rigidity, and multiple mounting points for bags, bottles, etc.

And of course for the different kind of needs and tours, there are different kinds of touring bicycles with various configurations!

1. Sport touring

Sport touring ones are typically meant for traveling intertwined with sports, a kind of a race, if you will. This is a lightweight touring bike which is also described as a road racing bike but with heavier tires and a better relaxed frame geometry. Basically, these bikes feature lighter wheels that come fitted with, narrower 25-28 mm tires. Gearing is dependent on the kind of terrain traveled on. It is designed for quick handling and responsive manoeuvrings perfect for a long journey. It is also designed to carry only the rider and minimal loads, that is a little more than a pocketbook and credit cards to book overnight lodging, while on a journey. They may sometimes can be furnished with mounting slim fenders and a rear carrier or pannier rack.

2. Road touring

Road touring bicycles are manufactured and adapted to suit the needs whilst cycling by road but principally for traveling. So these bikes possess a frame geometry so well designed, that allows a comfortable ride and steady, easy handling when laden with baggage, provisions for the attachment of fenders and mounting points for carrier racks and panniers.

3. Expedition touring

This is the perfect bike when it comes to a journey that involves much exploration of places traveled to. Dependent and on weight and load and also the terrain chosen to travel, the expedition bikes vary. Their frames are often made of steel, for strength and flexibility - heavy duty steel tubing, with 26 inch wheels, and component chosen for robustness and ease of maintenance therefore more comfortable over rough surfaces. Any breakages can technically be repaired virtually anywhere in the world. Designed for carrying hefty loads over the toughest terrains in far-off places, they are definitely tough built bicycles Varying from simply stronger mountain bikes, equipped with racks, panniers, mudguards and heavy-duty tires, to purpose-built bicycles built to cope with long-haul touring, these expedition bikes surprise you in the right way.

The main design is intended to allow all-day comfort on the bike, have good handling characteristics under heavy load, and be capable of running smoothly on good roads, but also on the roughest of tracks. Some bike tourers, with the help of their experience and skills, have created their own expedition bikes, by using mountain bike frames. Most tourers also prefer heavier, stronger wheels than would be normal on a production mountain bike. Most expedition bikes will have the same range of gears as a mountain bike.

There are still more touring bikes left to discuss. We shall know about the same in the next article.

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