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It is found that the Dodge ACR did not do well

by:Tanco Tire,Timax Tyre     2020-08-16

The car has been modified yet the interior is not that impressive as it should have been. A fire suspension system, a race seat and a six-point harness is found inside the car. The steering wheel and Michelin R racing slicks are adding to the decor of the model. However, this new model uses the old ACR's 8.4 liter V-10 engine but produces a better torque and hp. The car can actually provide 640 hp at 6100 rpm which is 40 hp more than the older version while giving about 605 lb-ft torque at 5100 rpm as well.

The free-flow exhaust system helps the engine in providing a more powerful thrust yet it makes a lot of sound especially for the driver. The six-speed manual transmission is a good addition to the car's equipments. The other good features of the car include the handling department. The springs are 50 percent firmer and two-way adjustable dampers are well suited with them to give a good feel to the riders.

At the test drive the car resembled the others in the fact that down-force plays a key role in high-speed stability. The ACR- X was given more advantage by certain features of its own. The deck-lid spoiler which has an adaptable cant angle at the back of the car and the two drive planes on the bumper made the task easy by adding 100 pounds of down-force at 150 mph.

The difference of weight between the ACR and ACR-X is 160 pounds. This makes the new model of about 3190 pounds. This actually makes the car about 200 pounds heavier than a Volkswagen GTI. But the light-weight is gained at the price of the interior arrangements. There are no interior door panels, air bags, or sound proof system in the car. It only leaves the model with the basic requirements.

The best feat showcased by the car is in its braking ability. The car was able to cut through the high-speed areas without any twist. The ACR-X is further better than the previous models because the tires are better grounded to the roads and the over steer is easily controllable.

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