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It has been almost a year since you bought a car

by:Tanco Tire,Timax Tyre     2020-10-29

Before I elaborate on all possible ways to lower car maintenance cost, let me just ask you a simple question: When was the last time you read your owner's manual or better yet, have you ever browsed through those hundred-plus pages? I know reading your owner's manual is overwhelmingly boring but it is your precision guide to getting the most from your vehicle with explanations on car's features, safety and maintenance tips. Ever thought how much money you could save if you did some maintenance tasks on your own. Don't panic - I am not taking about repairing an engine or transmission or changing a fan belt, but rather about simple tasks such as changing oil and filters, spark plugs and break pads, fuses and headlights. Your owner's manual and numerous on-line videos will train you for these simple 'do-it-yourself' tasks and of course will save you a lot of money. And so will these following tips:

Switch to Regular

Many want only the best for their cars and you are probably one of those. However, paying for premium gas is nothing but a way for gas stations to bring up their revenues. All types of petroleum on the market are thoroughly cleaned and loaded with supplements to prevent filters damage. It has been proven that engines run as efficiently on regular gas as they do on premium one. Therefore, switch to regular and save your car maintenance cost.

Check Your Pressure

No, I am not referring to your blood pressure level. It's your tires I have in mind. When was the last time you checked your tire pressure? Do you even know their optimal pressure level? If not, you need to consult your owner's manual (I know going back to boring again) and get those tires pumped up. By checking tire pressure you increase your mileage thus increasing your car's driving efficiency.

Change Your Provider

Car insurance is a must but it is costly. Well, it doesn't have to be. Do your research on all car insurance providers and choose the one that offers the most for less. Insurance companies have different risk tolerance and requirements and therefore different premiums. You might just save hundreds of dollars on car maintenance cost just by changing your insurance company. Now, doesn't that sound appealing.

Be Nice

Be nice to your car and save on car maintenance cost. Those speed bumps are there for a reason so respect them. And what about those potholes - avoid them every time possible. Another thing, do not tap on those break pads whenever you wish like it, and moreover, when you do, be gentle. Take care of your car and it will serve you longer. And do not forget hygiene - your car's of course (and your personal as well). Cleaning your car inside and out will prolong its life and overall performance so make sure your car is spotless.

Hopefully, the above listed tips will help you lower your overall car maintenance cost and increase your savings. Consult your owner's manual to learn more on your car and therefore increase its performance. Treat your car as you would your own body and save yourself headaches over high maintenance cost.

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