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Into the winter, cars and people are same, in

by:Tanco Tire,Timax Tyre     2020-08-19

Note one: Went to the use of warm winter season, heating system for a long time after you stop, there will be failures, so there should first try hot air, fans running an abnormal sound, duct patency. Sometimes encounter tepid water in the long-term antifreeze does not flow, condensation blocking the circulation line of cases, although not affect traffic, but it is very troublesome to repair, with the problem must be repaired in time to the repair shop.

Note two: the need to check the antifreeze. Amount of antifreeze must be appropriate. Repair stations antifreeze is recommended every two years for a change, but mixed (especially in summer plus over the water) antifreeze year must be replaced. Note the different brands of different types of products do not use. Followed by oil, high oil lubrication requirements of the car in winter, if you use a summer oil must be replaced, the use of a longer time, the color black, poor adhesion of oil should be replaced to ensure the engine starts smoothly.

Note three: When the winter can replace gasoline high scale, if usually use 90 gasoline can be exchanged for 93 oils. Because the lower winter temperatures car environment, use high degrees of gasoline ignition point higher, lighter ability is stronger.

Note IV: Black headlight bulbs replaced as soon as possible, the situation also checks fog lights, brake lights. Cool winter frost fog, low visibility, particularly rear-end accidents, so fog lights, brake lights working properly, but also protect the safety of winter driving.

Note Five: fear low battery, the battery capacity at gentle temperatures when the capacitor is much lower than room temperature. Therefore, before the cold season comes, battery electrolyte should be added to adjust the proportion of appropriate electrolyte. Also clean the battery terminals and apply special grease to protect and guarantee reliable starting and prolong battery life. If the vehicle is parked in the open air or in the garage a few weeks do not, you should remove the battery and store in a warmer room, to prevent freezing damage to the battery.

Note VI: Winter tire rubber hardens and relatively brittle, friction coefficient decreases, the tire pressure is not too high , but more cannot be too low, the outside temperature is low, the tire pressure is too low, soft tires can seriously accelerate aging. Always clean up winter inclusions within the tread, try to avoid using up more than once a tire, replace worn out larger and different patterns of different brands of tires. Tire wear very distinctive inside and outside, in order to ensure safety to reduce wear, the tire should be periodically replaced.

In addition, the relatively low winter temperatures , especially in the morning sometimes frost, this time we want to pay special attention to the windshield defroster vents under normal wind, the heat is enough, if there is a problem in a timely manner, otherwise it will we bring some life to the security threat. There are many good diagnostic tools can help you maintenance your car, such as: Autel Maxidiag MD802, Launch X431 Diagun 3 and so on. If you want know more about maintenance your car please click the below site:

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