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Instead of buying him something for Father's Day

by:Tanco Tire,Timax Tyre     2020-09-24

1. Help him clean out the Gutters

There are few chores that dads like less than cleaning out the gutters. But with your help, he'll be able to finish the job very quickly and get back to the things he actually wants to do. Be sure that you get some gloves so that your hands and Dad's hands are protected, and while you're at it, grab a step ladder, extension ladder, bucket, hose, straightened-out wire hanger, and small garden trowel. Now you can be the spotter while Dad climbs the ladder and uses the garden trowel to clean out the yard debris that so often clogs up the gutters-and use that bucket to hold all that yucky debris. Have a clogged downspout? Use the straightened-out wire hanger to clear it out.

2. Mow the lawn for Dad

This is another chore that most dads can't stand. Sure, it's nice to spend some time outside, but when the weather's super hot, it can be a sweaty and exhausting chore. So treat your dad by getting out the lawnmower and taking care of trimming the grass. This is one chore that should be reserved for older kids who know how to safely and properly operate the mower.

3. Wash Dad's car

Most dads love their cars. A car is a man's pride and joy, and it doesn't do have your pride and joy dirty! Get out the hose, soap, and rag and go to town washing Dad's car for him. And don't forget to pay special attention to the tires and rims so that they're super shiny and clean. Want to go the extra mile? Get out the vacuum cleaner and give the inside of Dad's car a quick vacuum.

4. Scoop up some poop

If your family has a dog, then your yard is probably littered with doggie poop. Help Dad out on his birthday or Father's Day by getting the pooper-scooper and cleaning up all of those nasty piles of poo. Dad's sure to enjoy being able to spend time in the yard without the fear of stepping in an unwelcome surprise that Fido left behind. And if you want to go even further to please Dad, go ahead and give Fido a bath!

5. Clean up the garage

Most of the time, the garage is a father's terrain. However, garages often become filled up and cluttered with kids' toys and belongings. If you want to treat Dad, go into the garage and clean up your toys. While you probably won't be able to completely clean up the whole garage, straightening up your belongings will help to make the space look cleaner and neater.

These are just five ways that you kids can help to treat your dad on his birthday or Father's Day by helping out around the house. What other chores can you think of to take care of for Dad on his special day?

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