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In order to safely handle the roads in snowy and/or

by:Tanco Tire,Timax Tyre     2020-08-26

Before Getting on the Road

Allow yourself more than enough time to get to your destination, especially if you are driving through the mountains. Be sure that you have a full tank of gas in the event that there is a delay in traffic and you have to change your route. You will also want to keep a winter travel safety kit, which should include, a charged cell phone, an ice scraper and snow brush, flashlight, matches, blanket, food, water, extra clothing, tow rope, road salt, and lock de-icer, to name a few. Before heading out during winter conditions you should also check your brakes, windshield wipers, and heat and defrost system to make sure they are all in proper working condition. Cold weather will cause your tires to lose pressure, so you need to maintain them accordingly. Tire tread depth should be 1/8-inch at the least. If you know ahead of time that you will be traveling in a snowy area, keep snow chains or any other type of traction-control device in your vehicle.

Measures to Follow while Driving

Allow yourself more than enough time to get to your destination, especially if you are driving through the mountains. In hill and mountain areas, keep your vehicle in low gears to keep your traction. Practice good defensive driving by decreasing your speed, and allowing extra room between you and the vehicle driving in front of you. A good method to follow is to reduce your speed by about fifty percent in treacherous driving conditions. Be more observant in order for you to brake sooner when need be. You will want to brake gently. If they lock up and you beginning to skid, ease your foot off of the brake. If your rear wheels begin to skid, turn your wheel in the direction that the wheels are sliding. If your front wheels skid, remove your foot from the accelerator and shift to neutral. Once your vehicle straightens out, steer in your desired direction and shift back to 'drive'. You may have a tendency to tightly grip your steering wheel during a stressful situation. Refrain from doing that. Tightly holding the wheel when nervous may cause a loss of control while driving.

Measures to Follow if you Become Stuck

First and foremost, do not spin your wheels. Instead, turn your steering wheel back and forth to push snow away from your tires, allowing room to eventually move your vehicle from the area. You may also want to shovel snow from the tires and anywhere that snow is obstructing your ability to move. Now, try tapping the accelerator to ease yourself out. If that does not work, pour salt, sand, etc. (anything for traction) to clear a path for your tires. If you are still in need of assistance, first, be sure that your exhaust pipe is clear from snow and ice (carbon monoxide gases can build within the vehicle) and just wait for help.

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