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If you want your caravan to last you well into the future

by:Tanco Tire,Timax Tyre     2020-11-04


If you leave your caravan out in the sun, rain, wind and hail, you could be causing premature damage to your van that causes it to age much faster. You need to ensure that your caravan is protected and sheltered at all times.

Close Windows

Whilst this may seem like a common sense point, there are always times when people have left the windows of their caravan less than properly secured. If there is even the slightest gap in your windows, you could be letting in moisture and dust.


You are actually required by law to ensure that your caravan is kept in a roadworthy condition, and the best way to do this is to have it serviced at least annually.

Empty Inside

Whenever you plan on storing your caravan for an extended amount of time (such as over winter), you should remember to completely empty it of food, water and anything else that could cause moisture, bad smells or attract unwanted insects.


Looking after your caravan includes cleaning it thoroughly after every trip. One of the most important things to do in cleaning your caravan is to sterilize the pipes to prevent bacteria and algae from breeding in there between now and your next trip.


You should regularly complete your own inspection of your caravan, as this will ensure that you get on top of problems as soon as they start to develop. Check that the appliances are working, check that the gas connections are okay, check the tires, and so on.


Turn off both the gas and water supply for your caravan, then open to external water drainage plugs. 'Blow through' the pipe work of your van to ensure that all the water has been drained out. As you have turned off the gas, it is also safe to drain your water heater.


After every trip it is also a good idea to give the outside of your caravan a thorough wash and a polish to ensure that it is looking shiny and brand new for much longer.

Whilst the above tips are designed to keep your caravan in tiptop condition for as long as possible, you shouldn't neglect the basics, such as its security and insurance, which are imperative to keeping your caravan safe and protected.

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