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If you want to avoid a motorbike crash, you have

by:Tanco Tire,Timax Tyre     2020-09-02

How do you protect yourself? Assuming an accident will happen is a good thing before any ride; sometimes it's not even your fault so you have to be prepared. Always wear these before you drive your motorcycle: helmet, leather pants, knee and elbow protection, torso protection, gloves, shatterproof goggles. But before you equip with your protections, verify your bike. Check the signals, tires, controls and lights.

The most common mistakes that lead to a motorcycle crash are as follows: driving under the influence of alcohol, placing yourself in other cars blind spots or staying too close to other vehicles. Don't let anything affect your control over the motorbike. So avoid alcohol and drugs. Always make sure other cars see you and stay at least 2 seconds away from the other vehicles. Another typical mistake is tailgating. Tailgating might be fun, but not if you end up in a hospital; too many accidents occur because of people tailgating foolishly, stop doing it, it's not worth it. Passing another vehicle is another vulnerable moment. When you're passing constantly signal the right way. Your communication with the other drivers has to be clear.

Paying attention to potential hazards is another important matter. If you're unconscious of the surface condition of the ground you're exposed to motorbike crashes. Avoid oil stains on the road. Sometimes you can't see it but if you see big trucks nearby that's a sign you should check for diesel leakage. Mud on the road is another potential hazard. Sometimes you can't see the mud; watch out for nearby construction sites on the country roads. Do the same thing, slow down and check for mud and rocks on the street. How is your cornering skill? Sometimes before you corner it's hard to guess if there's a huge truck coming from ahead. Practice your cornering and learn a late apex cornering technique to avoid a severe motorbike crash.

Learn these tips to avoid a motorbike crash, but it's up to you to exercise them and turn them into a habit. It's completely unnecessary to live through several motorbike crashes to learn your lesson, it may cost you your life or some broken bones, either way it's not going to worth the effort, so be prepared. Make it a habit to be attentive whenever you're riding and you'll prevent that motorcycle crash.

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