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If you own a motorcycle, I am sure you already

by:Tanco Tire,Timax Tyre     2020-08-23

The first type is a cruiser. Cruisers are designed to model the style of the 1930's to early 1960's. The riding position of this bike has the feet forward, the hands up, and the back straight or slightly leaned back. Because they are low to the ground, they have a very limited cornering ability and are normally driven at low moderate speeds. These bikes can have upgrades that allow a higher engine output, as well as other upgrades like brakes and suspension, better ground clearance. Of course, they can also be upgrade with non-traditional styling too.

Another type of motorcycle is the touring style. Touring bikes are normally used for long distances and commutes. Most of them can be customized to the user's needs like windshields, larger gas tanks, different types of engines, and seating options with more upright seating then sport bikes. There are three types of tour bikes, sports tourers, full-dress tourers, and global on and off road tourers. Sport tourers combine the attributes of a sport bike with a touring bike. Full-dress tourers normally have large fairings and lots of body work compared to other types of tourers. Global on and off road tourers allow for global touring on and off pavement so no destination is out of reach.

Standard bikes are very useful and are general street motorcycles. Unlike the cruiser, the rides sits in an upright position with the feet underneath them and the handle bars are at a comfortable position to put the shoulders in line with the hips. Standards don't normally come with windscreens, but if they do then it is pretty small. A standard is sometimes referred to as a naked bike. Standard bikes have seemed to have disappeared lately.

A sports bike has faster speeds, acceleration and braking on paved roads compared to the other bikes. The position of the rider on most of these bikes has the foot pegs slightly back. When the rider is on the bike, the position should be more streamlined and aerodynamic than the other bikes. Sports bikes are sometimes called crotch rockets and have larger front and rear tires. The tires allow for the higher speeds and greater lean angles.

Those are just a few of the types of motorcycles out there. There are a few more other types that you can find, but these are the basic groups. Be sure to take care of your motorcycle just like you would a car. Also, again, remember to get your license and also motorcycle insurance coverage that is required by law.

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