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If you live at or near the beach, you will need

by:Tanco Tire,Timax Tyre     2020-09-19

You should look for a lighter weight stroller that is easy to push and won't sink into soft sand. Your beach stroller should also come with a good quality larger canopy or hood that is easy to use. You want to make sure your baby is well protected from the sun, wind and rain. Some strollers come with a plastic rain cover, while others don't, and you can buy that separately. Make sure your rain cover for your stroller fits well, so it can protect your little one from harsher weather conditions. An important factor is to check the stroller for parts that could rust, especially if you live near salt water.

Storage may be an important factor for you, if you will be spending the day at the beach. Can you stash towels, sunscreen, drinks and snacks for a day in the sun? You will need a place for your phone, sunglasses, beachwear and keys too. Extra pockets are definitely nice to have.

One safety feature that is very crucial are the quality of the brakes. You should make sure you can brake your stroller with your hand or foot without bending down, even if you are strolling quickly along the beach.

You may want to look into a jogging stroller ,if you are the type to jog along the beach. These kind of strollers have multi-terrain shock absorbent wheels that can handle the bumps and jostles along the way.

If your baby will get tired, or needs to relax while you are out on the beach for the day, or jogging along the boardwalk, make sure that the stroller you will purchase has a reclining feature. Your baby will have difficulty relaxing in an upright position.

Your comfort is also important, especially if you want to enjoy every outing with your little one. Make sure that the handlebars are the right height for you, and if not are adjustable for different heights. If you already own a stroller, there is an option of buying handlebar extensions for varying heights. It is important that you can stroll in comfort without slouching or kicking the tires. Strollers are usually a one time purchase, and investment. Whether you live near the ocean, in the city or in the rural country side, make sure you are buying the right one for your lifestyle. Comfort and safety should be your priority!

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