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If you consider yourself to be a hardcore cyclist

by:Tanco Tire,Timax Tyre     2020-08-28

Before now you might have been thinking to yourself that a bike that folds is not for someone like you. Haven't given much thought about owning a folding bike? It might be the right time for you to consider a Dahon Cadenza. After all, your future riding experiences could very well be at stake.

Speed will no longer be an issue with the Cadenza's double gearing and high pressure Conti slicks.

Comfort won't be a problem with this bike either. The Cadenza uses the F.I.T. stem from Dahon. If you aren't familiar with this little mechanical wonder, it will allow you to adjust you ride by as much as 50 mm. It is as simple as dialing in the ideal riding position and you are all set.

The BioLogic Aria seat is a favorite of Cadenza riders as it plays a huge role in keeping riders as comfortable as possible. Even though you may like to race it doesn't mean that you can't be comfortable. True to form Dahon leaves nothing out of their designs.

What about road hazards? Road hazards are nothing to worry too much about when riding a Dahon Cadenza. The bike utilizes Kevlar belted tires with and a pump that is integrated into the tires and camouflaged within the seatpost. It doesn't matter if it is in an urban setting or rural setting, there isn't a road hazard you can't overcome.

Dahon's Lockjaw folding mechanism, for which they hold a patent, allows the rider to fold their Cadenza in 30 quick seconds.

Ever give thought to creating a custom-made bike? What hardcore biker doesn't? The Dahon Cadenza was built with this in mind. The frame of this bike has both vertical dropouts and a bracket across the bottom along with disc and V-brake mounts. An appealing feature of the Dahon Cadenza is fender and rack braze-ons that will make it a breeze to customize your ride.

Don't be concerned about quality of the Cadenza, for the simple fact that it carries the Dahon name. For over 30 years, Dahon has been a name that symbolizes quality in folding bikes. In addition, they engineer their bikes to leave behind the smallest of carbon footprints.

Dahon has been involved with eco-positive products long before it was popular to do so. The company's principles are not complex. As it develops vehicles that are kind to the environment, Dahon does not do so at the expense of quality. They know that their eco-friendly mission is unsustainable if they produce bikes that no one wants to buy.

The Cadenza's folding technology -- really all of Dahon's bikes -- is built upon quality that is unmatched by others in the industry.

If you're strictly a commuter looking to get to and from work in an environmentally safe way or you're a weekend warrior looking for a thrill, there is a Dahon bike just for you.

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