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If you ask a person how does the car move forward

by:Tanco Tire,Timax Tyre     2020-11-02

Now if you ask the same person how the car comes to a stop then you can expect to get the answer with the help of the brakes. And if you pursue further and ask how do the brakes stop the car you will not get too many persons who can answer that in any detail. Which if you come to think of it is a little odd. After all if the engine does not start then you suffer just a delayed start. But if the brakes fail to perform to the expected level then the consequences can be much more serious.

So how do the brakes work then? Well the brakes generate the retarding force by pressing the brake pads on to the brake rotors. The brake rotor as the name suggests is a component that is a part of the wheel and when the rotation of the rotor is retarded the rotation of the wheel gets retarded as well. Now brake pads are a consumable just like the car tires are and eventually need to be replaced. But you can go one step further and go in for the latest brake rotors as well. For example if you are into high performance driving then slotted brake rotors may be better suited since they generate more friction than drilled brake rotors which are the normally fitted on a car.

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