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If you are looking to buy a new or used car, most

by:Tanco Tire,Timax Tyre     2020-08-15

As far as selling your car, you basically have three options

1. Sell it privately

2. Sell / Part Exchange it to a dealer

3. Let one of the car buying companies on the net buy it

Of the three, the first is more likely to get you the highest amount of money, but at a price. First you will have to pay out for an advert, then wait for people to call (that could be a long while), then wait for them to call (expect a lot of time wasting 'tyre kickers') and finally have to deal and haggle with them. Then of course there is the issue of taking payment, which is not as easy as when dealing with a reputable dealer etc.

The Part Exchange method is the next option to take to maximise your money, or at least so it seems at the first impression. However, bear in mind that the dealer may be giving you a great price for your car, but is unlikely to drop much (if anything) off the sticker price of the new car you want. So whilst it may look great, in reality you could be much better off taking the third option.

This third option has been around for many years, but only in the way that some dealers would buy cars for cash (no part exchange being involved). Today though, there are a growing number of websites that offer to give you an online guide price and then buy your car for cash if all agree. The companies behind these sites are out to make money of course, so don't expect a top deal, but, as you won't have a part exchange you should be able to get a fair percentage off the sticker price of that car in the dealers garage. Thus in the long run, you could actually be better off. These sites are also ideal for those who want to buy privately and need some way of selling their old car quickly.

Whatever method you choose to take, the first step is to get some idea of what your car is worth. This is not as straightforward as it seems however, as from personal experience over the years, I can say that they often quote prices that are simply not reflected in the prices being asked for (or in the case of Part Ex being offered) by dealers. However, when taken together with the prices being asked for on the Internet they do give you some idea of what the car is worth, at least to the general public.

When checking the market place to gauge the worth of your car, just remember that there are many things that affect it's value:-

Manufacturer and model

How old it is

How many miles it has done

The level of equipment, air-conditioning, alloy wheels etc

General condition

Colour (brown, yellow and gold are not popular)


Once you have done your research, you will be ready to take a trip or two to some local dealers and see what is offered (and remember to find out how much they will knock off for no part exchange) and check out the online car buying sites.

Then you can make your mind up about which route to take.

Good luck in your selling your car!

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