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If you are living in the urban area and you don't

by:Tanco Tire,Timax Tyre     2020-09-26

Many people have been struggling with space issues during the time of urbanization. Storing your extra things can be painful and in some cases even expensive. Some people will rent extra storages rooms around the suburban area to find the space that they need.

When you are living in a country where there is a constant problem of storing your second set of tyres due to needing two sets, you will surely face a problem of storing these tyres. Usually the solution is to pack them somewhere where you have your storage room but the sad thing is that that space cannot be used for the other stuff, you would need to store.

Now there is a solution. Vianor is an innovative company that is focused on selling tyres, serving cars and doing all sorts of maintenance for your car. Now they have come up with a concept of storing your tyres for you when you don't need them. What could be more convenient than storing your tyres where they are being changed so that when the new season starts, all you have to do is drive in and drive out? You will own two sets of tyres all the time but all you see is the ones you are riding on. This kind of service is great for the people who want convenience and good service in their lives. Changing the tyre is one thing but storing and hassling with different sets of tyres is a different thing.

Vianor is also a great place to keep your tyres because you always know whether it's time to change the tyres or not. When you leave the shop, you can also rest assure that everything is done by the books and even the tyre pressure will be accordingly monitored and taken care of.

I would recommend the tyre (in Finnish: rengas) hotel service for anyone that values comfort and easiness with good service. It saves space no matter where you live but moreover it saves you from a lot of extra trouble.

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