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If you are a new driver or an old one you might

by:Tanco Tire,Timax Tyre     2020-09-25

1. What is the ideal time of installation of the winter tires and how many do you need?

Firstly even if you have SUV vehicle you need to swap all four normal season tires with winter ones to escape from tricky situations. As far as ideal time is concerned, the installation should be done when the temperature reaches 10 degree Celsius. The rule is to change the tires before the first snowfall and you can wait for the 2-3 Celsius drop in temperature before performing the activity according to your geographic location.

2. I always drive carefully so shall I consider tire swapping in the winter?

Even though you drive slowly and following all the rules you need to have winter tires for the particular season. Mainly because it provides confidence, control and great traction on a road covered with slush or other type of ice layer. With the help of these tires you greatly reduce the chances of accidents and gain higher power over the vehicle.

3. How much would these tires cost me?

This depends on whether you want to go for a second hand or new tires. It is true that these tires could be used all round the year but are not advisable in terms of vehicle performance. Therefore if you think purchasing second hand would cut on cost then better purchase new ones and maintain them to be used through all upcoming winters. The best thing is to invest some money in rims for these tires as it would keep them away from temperature, oxygen and other factors that degrade the quality and damage the tire. The purchase of four tires might seem expensive at one time but it is a lifetime investment that should be made to ensure full safety.

If you posses a SUV vehicle then the tires might promise to help in the winter season along with all the safety features but in reality only winter tires would help to tread in ice. The safety features of the advanced vehicles often fail to work at the time of emergency which could be life threatening. It is better to get the winter tires and rims and have lifetime security.

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