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If everyone really does know somebody who loves a Honda

by:Tanco Tire,Timax Tyre     2020-11-10

Sell your Honda in fewer steps then a sedan has doors...

Pick Your Ad Package: The Free Basic Online Ad for one week; the Enhanced Online Ad that runs for three weeks with 10 photos, 100 words, and free headline and box; the one-week Free Online and Print Ad; and the Two-week Print and Online Ad.

Create the Ad: Write your ad like a love letter. 'Dear Honda, your chassis is as lovely as a rose; your interior is soft to the touch; and your tires make me squeal...low, low mileage with your one and only owner.' Okay, that might be a bit much... Perhaps you should just describe your ad, simple and straightforward and post a photo too!

Preview and Confirm: Don't be too brash! Love can make you say stupid things! Proofread that ad and make sure it is clear, coherent, and free of mistakes. Confirm once satisfied and let us do the rest!

Sometimes people fall out of love; sell your Honda in a matter of weeks!

Distance makes the heart grow fonder so send your used Honda far, far away with an ad in the Recycler magazines! With a weekly readership of 850,000 SoCal peeps, your Used Honda will be seducing men and women all across the land! And, for more coverage, your ad is also put online at featured on a site that receives 6 million hits per month!

Everyone in Los Angeles Knows Somebody Who Loves the Recycler

Since the early 70s, Recycler has been Southern California's premier Trade publication for buying, selling and trading. There is no better way to sell your Used Honda with ease and efficiency. Recycler Classifieds gives you the unique freedom to describe your Honda, along with photos, for optimal efficacy and, by upgrading your package to Print, optimal coverage.

Along with its related publications Jobs Magazine, Cars Weekly, Auto Pix, AutoBuys and Truck Buys, Auto Seller, Cycle, Boat & RV Buys, Big Truck & Equipment Buys, has more pets, merchandise, electronics and appliances, real estate, used car, used truck, used SUV, new and used RVs, used van, new vehicle, and business ads in Southern California than any other website or print publication.

Recycler and

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