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I've been researching the best tires for my Honda

by:Tanco Tire,Timax Tyre     2020-09-21

Ride comfortNoise ComfortHandlingOverall Road RatingPerformance - Dry TrackCornering StabilitySteering ResponseBraking ModulationHandling PredictablityOverall Track RatingPerformance - Wet TrackCornering StabilitySteering ResponseBraking ModulationHandling PredictablityOverall Track RatingSlolam Time DrySlolam Time WetLap Time DryLap Time WetStopping Distance DryStopping Distance WetAverage Cornering (g-force) Dry - tie with BridgestoneAverage Cornering (g-force) WetBeside the performance the HTS demonstrated on the road, General also engineered the tire with a lower rolling resistance to improve fuel economy and thereby reducing CO2 emissions.Key Tire Performance Technologies The Grabber HTS is the flagship of the General Grabber line and it incorporates 4 key technologies that enhance the performance of this tire.1. Duragen - Ultra-high strength steel belts, micro fiber casing reinforcements, and broader tire contour provides even wear, longer mileage and confidence in challenging conditions.2. Adaptive Performance - Response Grooves, Stabilink Bars and 3 kinds of siping for enhances steering response and reliable performance3. Comfort Balance - a tread cusioning and noise capturing system for a quieter, more comfortable ride.4. Eco-Ride - Improved tire compound increases fuel economy and minimizes CO2 emissions.My Tires I love these tires. I honestly didn't expect to notice a big difference in normal driving. I mean I saw the tests and statistics and recognized that in crisis situations, bad weather and such that the Grabbers have tested to function the best. That is important to me because when I am driving in bad rain or have to stop quickly I want my tires to perform. However, I began noticing the responsiveness right away driving away from the garage that put the tires on. The next thing I experienced is a noticeably quieter ride. All About General Grabber HTSMy tires were recently put to the test and the performed beautifully. This and more here General Grabber HTSThese tires get 2 thumbs and even 2 big toes up. My hearty recommendation!

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