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I am from a South-Eastern country from Europe. In autumn

by:Tanco Tire,Timax Tyre     2020-10-29

Well, you should know that this year it snowed like we haven't seen before! There were villages that couldn't communicate and people who couldn't get out from their houses. In these conditions, I was sure that no one would get out with their summer tire. But I was wrong! Last week, after another day of snowing, me and my boyfriend have worked for an hour to free the alee and the parking zone from the snow that was at 1 meter high. Along with a few neighbors and my boyfriend, we carried the snow to a nearby canal. After we have finished the alee and we were working at the parking spot, the cars started to appear. Those who had ATVs had easily arrived to the man street, those with normal cars, equipped with winter tires, arrived more difficult, but those who had summer tires, skate as if they were in sleigh.

My boyfriend helped at least three of these cars that remained stocked and I asked the drivers why do they drive the car if they are not prepared for winter? They told me that they were only driving in town and there are no differences between the summer and the winter tires, that it is just a thing that the producers made up, in order to sell more. In other words, he referred to marketing. I haven't said one more word, although, I knew that there was a great chance that they got hit on traffic, with their perfect summer tires.

I am driving with winter tires for three years now and I can really say that there is a big difference and not just a marketing strategy. My car has more adherences on the road and if I really have to brake, the car stops much faster. The fact that the price is really high seems also stupid, because of the fact that one of those sets can lasts for 3 to 5 years, depends on how much you use them, so the investment doesn't seem so big, doesn't it?

I cannot believe how anyone could jeopardize their lives or even their families' by driving without appropriate equipment in the winter. Why does buying these tires seem such an awful thing? They are safer for us and don't you want to drive without fear even in the cold weather? It seems more important for some people to tune their cars, getting high-tech audio-video equipment, than to make their cars safer to drive in a bad winter!


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