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How to maintain tires

How to maintain tires


How to Maintain Tires

Many car owners don't know how to tell a tire's production date correctly or how to extend the life of a tire.Completely don't know the place too long tires will be a serious security problems, such as: tires have layers inside, for too long can lead to a qualitative change, placement is a bit like basketball in the sun outside, it is easy to deformation, surface cracks and swelling, play a few more times will explode, and tires, too, the most obvious is commonly, swelling, the faster the wear and tear, puncture and faster!

Tyre production date

In fact, without turning over the tire, just outside the tire, on the wall of the tire on one side, there is a set of Numbers. The last four digits of the sign can tell the information of the production date. It consists of four Numbers "AABB".The first two "AA" means the week of the year, and the second two "BB" means the year.

For example, this is a tire on a car. The last four digits of the car's logo DOT are 0807, indicating that it was produced in the eighth week of 2007, that is, at the end of February 2007.

Daily use of tires

Most people only know about high pressure puncture, and low pressure puncture is completely unknown.Low pressure not only causes a flat tire, it also causes "tire eating," which simply means that there is abnormal acceleration and wear on the inside or outside of one or more tires, and that certain parts of one tire wear out faster than other tires.When checking the tire, it can be clearly seen that the pattern wears faster than other tires or the other side of the same tire, which will soon cause partial wear and lead to the tire being scrapped.It is recommended to check tire pressure regularly and buy tiejun real-time tire pressure monitoring system.

Do regular wheel balancing for the tires.

If the tire has been repaired for many times, or feel there is a swing, it is necessary to timely check the tire dynamic balance, to see if there is a problem with the tire, if the tire is found to be unbalanced and other problems, to add a balance lead to maintain balance, so as not to "eat the tire" phenomenon.

Pay attention to tyre maintenance and transposition.

General vehicles every 5000 kilometers, the need for tire tranlocation, with the diagonal tire replacement is better, so that the normal maintenance of the tire, tire wear can be more uniform, can effectively extend the life of the tire.

Do four-wheel positioning for the vehicle regularly.

Regularly do four-wheel positioning, can enhance driving comfort and reduce gasoline consumption, avoid tire "eat", increase the service life of tires, ensure vehicle stability of straight, lower chassis suspension parts wear, etc., so as far as possible on a regular basis to 4 s shop or professional repair shop to locate, in general, suggest at least every year for a tire location, or a fixed position to ten thousand km.If the car is a long time, like taxis, trucks and the best half a year or three months to do positioning.

Make sure the hub screws are strong.

Hub bearing is loose, leaf spring riding bolt is not tightened as required, suspension is loose and so on can cause the tire to swing from side to side in driving, causing abnormal wear and tear of the tire.So when you're giving your car maintenance, check the screws around the wheels and on the hub carefully to see if they're loose.

Comprehensive described above, prolong the service life of tires is we, as a major moment care about car, car direct close contact with the ground is tire, is like a man's legs, if less a leg, will lose balance, will affect our normal walking, and if it is a flat tire, and continue to drive cause blowout tire pressure is too low, few minutes may lead to traffic accidents, serious threat to our own and others' life safety, so need is early know, early prevention, protect the tire.


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